Common Hill Nature Reserve - 2024 Spring Visit

 Common Hill is a nearby nature reserve under the care of the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust. I have described the nature reserve here with updates here, here, here, here, here, and here. This was our first visit of 2024 (Sunday 14th April). The early purple orchids had started to show ...

Photo 1: Early Purple Orchid (Common Hill, 14/4/24)

On the way, we popped into Sainsbury's for some sandwiches, snacks (KitKat) and fruit (satsuma-type) and enjoyed our picnic with great views and melodic accompaniment (birdsong) ...

Photo 2: View from the Picnic Bench

It is a little early in the season for the main flush of flowers (late April/early May is better) but there were still plenty of violets (of the common dog variety) ...

Photo 3: Dog Violet (Common Hill, 12/4/24)

... and cowslips on display ...

Photo 4: Cowslips on Ant Hill (Common Hill, 12/4/24)

A list of flowering plants observed on the nature reserve:

Common Dog Violet
Barren strawberry
Bush Vetch
Common Dog Violet
Cuckoo Pint
Dog's Mercury
Early Purple Orchid
Field Forget-me-not
Field Wood-rush
Ground Ivy
Lady's Smock
Lesser Celandine
Meadow Buttercup
Wood Spurge

There was plenty of bird song, dominated by the chiffchaff, but including all the usual suspects: blue and great tit, song thrush, blackbird, etc. No butterfly sightings - there was a cold wind.

Photo 5: Looking into Round's Meadow from Lower Path (Common Hill, 12/4/24)


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