Common Hill Nature Reserve and the Big Farmland Bird Count

 We have posted previously about Common Hill Nature Reserve, near Fownhope, Herefordshire. The voluntary Warden asked if we could do an avian survey as part of the Big Farmland Bird Count. This is a good time of the year for spotting as the birds have nowhere to hide in the, largely, leafless trees. On the downside, it can be a bit windy, wet and cold in February. Nevertheless, we popped over to Common Hill on the afternoon of February 12 to see what we could see and take a few more photos. Go to the end of this post to see which birds we saw on our visit.

View from the entrance of Common Hill next to small car park (you can just see Mary's legs as she tries to hide off shot)...

...view from the corner of the orchard in North Meadow...

...view from the bench at the top of North Meadow...

...looking up Monument Hill from the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust sign...

...looking down Monument Hill from the bench...

...looking down Round's Meadow..

...and the Old Cider House from near the entrance gate...

Bird List (Common Hill, overcast, 8 oC, 3 pm, Saturday 12 February 2022)

Blackbird   (x3)

Blue Tit   (x6)

Buzzard   (x1)

Coal Tit   (x1)

Collared Dove   (x1)

Fieldfare   (x15)

Great Spotted Woodpecker   (x1)

Great Tit   (x2)

Pheasant   (x1)

Robin   (x2)

Rook   (x1)

Woodpigeon   (x8)


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