View from the Rear Window - February 2024 (Part II)

For Part I of View from the Rear Window - February 2024, see here. Blogger has been playing up recently and this seemed the quickest workaround. At the end of each monthly report, I add a few photos from the garden. So here goes:

Photo 1: Snowdrops in our Mini-Wood (3rd February)

Photo 2: Primrose with Auricula in the background (5th February))

Photo 3: Primroses (5th February)

Photo 4: Auricula (7th February)

Photo 5: Pitcher Plant (7th February)

Photo 6: Crocus (9th February)

Photo 7: Daffodil (10th February)

Photo 8: Crocus (10th February)

Photo 9: A Clump of Crocuses (16th February) with Daffodil Interloper

Photo 10: A Clump of Crocuses (20th February) with Daffodil Interloper

Photo 11: Hyacinth
And that's all folks.


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