Church Stretton and the Shropshire Hills - DAY 2 (Breakfast, Stiperstones,The Bog and All That Jazz)

Tea (various), coffee (instant), hot chocolate, fresh milk, butter, Oreo biscuits and Roses chocolates had been available on our arrival. But, very early in the morning before normal people have risen from their slumbers, the breakfast fairy had laid out the feast that was to be our first meal of the day. I think I can safely say that I have never needed as many as four photographs to describe breakfast.

A choice of five breakfast cereals plus instant porridge along with cranberries & raisins and/or pumpkin & sunflower seeds (Photo 1). 

Photo 1: Breakfast Cereals
Fresh fruit (apples and bananas), pain au chocolat, brown bread for toast (white option available), five different jams plus honey and, my personal favourite, ground coffee and cafetiere (Photo 2).

Photo 2: Toastie Delights

We thought that would be plenty, but there were more surprises on opening the fridge, orange juice and a choice of yoghurt flavours, all beautifully packaged (Photo 3) ...

Photo 3: Orange Juice and Yoghurts

And finally, fresh blueberries and melon balls (Photo 4). Breakfast #2 also included fresh strawberries along with blueberries and melon.

Photo 4: The Final Discovery

Suitably refreshed and replenished, we headed out for some fresh air. Mary was in autopilot mode as she headed for Carding Mill Valley - despite having agreed that was a trip for the next day! Retracing our steps, we took the narrow road (The Burway) out of Church Stretton and onto the Long Mynd. The Burway is an ancient route that is described as 'not for the faint-hearted' - a single track for much of the way with a sheer drop on one side and no barriers. Going up onto the Long Mynd from Church Stretton is easiest as the sheer drop is on the other side of the road. Mary, who was driving, made the understandable decision that we would return to Church Stretton via a different route.

Once on top of the Long Mynd, there are great views to be had; for example, this view (Photo 5) from the Bur Way viewpoint (Figure 1) looking down onto Church Stretton.

Photo 5: Looking Down on Church Stretton from the Bur Way Viewpoint

Figure 1: Map of Church Stretton and the Bur Way Viewpoint

Photo 6: From the Bur Way Viewpoint Looking North-east of Church Stretton

Moving on, we headed for the Stiperstones and The Bog Field Centre (Figure 2):

Figure 2: Map showing The Long Mynd, The Stiperstones and Church Stretton

Parking in the Knolls Car Park (bottom, middle, Figure 3), not far from The Bog Fields Centre, there is a well-trodden walk onto the Stiperstones ridge. 


Figure 3: Access to the Stiperstones NNR

On the way up looking at Cranberry Rock ...

Photo 7: Cranberry Rock, The Stiperstones

Although bright and sunny, there was a strong cold wind on the exposed Stiperstones ridge so we turned back after reaching Manstone Rock ...

Photo 8: Manstone Rock, The Stiperstones

Panoramic views are to be had in all directions ...

Video 1: Panoramic Views from Cranberry Rocks

Video 2: Panoramic Views Starting at Manstone Rocks and Looking Eastwards towards the Long Mynd

... but with all the cobwebs blown away, time to head for some refreshments at The Bog Field Centre where a cheese scone and cup of freshly brewed coffee (tea for Mary) was much appreciated.

Photo 9: Approaching The Bog Field Centre

The fields were covered in flowering gorse which made a change from the heather (not yet in flower) up on the top of The Stiperstones.

Photo 10: Gorse-Covered Fields

It was now 4 pm and we started the journey home. There was dinner to prepare and we had booked tickets for an evening Jazz Concert ...

Figure 4: The Evening's Entertainment

One final treat on arriving back at the B&B: fruit scones and jam kindly provided by our host.


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