Start of the Tulip Season??

"I must have flowers. always and always" - Claude Monet

Photo 1: Snowdrops by Mary

We often associate certain flowers with certain months of the year according to their flowering season. For instance, most people will think of snowdrops in January (Photo 1 & 2).

Photo 2: Snowdrops at The Weir Garden

The choice for February is wider; for example: primroses ...

Photo 3: Primroses at Home

... crocuses ...

Photo 4: Crocuses at Home

... and hyacinths ...

Photo 5: Hyacinth at Home

Photo 6: Hyacinths by Mary

Wild daffodils flower in March as a rule (Photo 7) though modern varieties exhibit their blooms from January to May.

Photo 7: Wild Daffodils in March 2024

From mid-March to mid-May, tulips are one of the main sources of colour in the garden. And the first tulips have started to appear in the garden ...

Photo 8: Tulip Turkestanica (14/3/24)

Photo 9: Tulip Elena (14/3/24)

Photo 10: Garden Tulip (14/3/24)


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