Wild Daffodils and the First Bluebell?

 From mid-March to the end of the month*, it is wild daffodil time in this part of England - aka the Golden Triangle.

Photo 1: Betty Dawes Wood (18/3/24)

* Note: Dates may change with global warming

On a lovely sunny day, we ventured to our neighbouring county, Gloucestershire, to see the displays of wild daffodils; just as we had the previous year. The weekend events at Kempley, Oxenhall, and Dymock, are great if you want guided walks, and village hall refreshments. By visiting  midweek, you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet.

While walking through Betty Dawes Wood, we spotted the our first bluebell of 2024 ...

Photo 2: First Bluebell of 2024 (18/3/24)

... exciting though that was, we had come to see the daffodils but first a spot of lunch surrounded bt daffodils on all sides ...

Photo 3: Lunchtime View in Every Direction

The paths were very muddy due to high rainfall and the many visitors at the Kempley Daffodil Weekend a few days earlier. So progress around Betty Dawes was rather slow with much of the time looking down to see where to put your feet. However, there were wonderful daffodil vistas every time you looked up from the ground.

Photo 4: Golden Daffodils as far as the eye can see

Wood anemones and primroses were dotted around the forest floor ...

Photo 5: Wood Anemone, Primrose and Daffodil (18/3/24)

But no sign of the violets and roe deer seen in 2023.

Photo 6: Wood Anemone (18/3/24) - Betty Dawes Wood

Photo 7: Wood Anemone, Betty Dawes Wood (18/3/24)

Photo 8: Wild Daffodil, Betty Dawes Wood (18/3/24)



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