St Patrick's Day 2024

We visited the Festival of Artist Blacksmithing (Ferrous²⁴) on Sunday the 17th March (St Patrick's Day) as Mary had some spare time before the small folk band she is in (Hops & Hares) did a 2-hour gig at The Jam Factory.

Ferrous has become an annual event in Hereford. This year there were 14 venues displaying the Blacksmith's art with examples from the UK (including Hereford), USA, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland and probably a few other places.

In addition to admiring the artistic skill of the blacksmith, there was also an opportunity to have a bash at hammering a piece of hot metal yourself.

The displays and exhibitions were top notch. The following three photos, taken in Hereford Cathedral, were based, perhaps unsurprisingly, on the symbolism of the cross ...

Small and large items were on display ...

... but you would need a healthy wallet if you wanted to buy any of the items.

Hereford College of Arts runs an Artist Blacksmithing course  and there is also a National School of Blacksmithing at Holme Lacy, a few miles outside Hereford.

We've had a couple of blacksmiths lodging with us while they attended courses at Holme Lacy: Tom Robinson and Alex Rowe who are both now pursuing their passion. 


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