Why the 25th of March 2024 Just Turned into a Special Day

 Well, apart from the fact that March 25th is Tolkien Reading Day! And, if you are lucky enough to live in the USA, you may get to see a lunar eclipse.

Closer to home, the first flower, ever, on any of my three plum trees ...

Photo 1: First Ever Plum Flower!!

... appeared on March 25th 2024. I planted three Supercolumn plum trees in the Autumn of 2018: Cox's Emperor, Jubilee, and Groves Late Victoria. Not having grown plum trees before, I made the basic (and unforgivable) mistake of treating them just like my apple and pear trees when it comes to pruning. So for five years, there were no flowers and, hence, no fruit. Plums need to be pruned in mid-summer which is what I finally did in 2023.

Photo 2: Plum Trees on 3rd July 2023 (before pruning)

Photo 3: Plum Trees on 7th July 2023 (after pruning)

Mary, the biologist, assures me there are more flower buds so we will, hopefully, get to taste some plums this summer/autumn.

March 25th 2024 was also the day when the first spear of asparagus appeared above ground ...

Photo 4: First Spear of Asparagus (2024)

...  which is the earliest we have seen - beating 2021 when the first spear broke ground on 31st March. Presumably, this year's very warm February has brought forward its emergence.

Also on this day, the first fully open flower was seen on the Concorde pear tree. The buds have been ready to burst for a few days ...

Photo 5: First Pear Blossom 2024

And, finally, after a hot composting run lasting more than 850 days with my HotBin composter, today I got to empty it completely, clean it out and prepare it for more hot composting adventures. More on this in a later article.


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