Snowdrops at the Weir Garden

 It is that time of year again! Snowdrops have been out in our garden since the 4th January and are now in full bloom ...

Photo 1: Snowdrops in the Rear Garden

Time for a visit to The Weir Garden, just a few miles away, to see a much larger display (4th February). It was reasonably sunny and warm (14 ℃) provided you avoided the chill wind (average wind speed 17 km/h with gusts up to 40 km/h). At the entrance to the garden it was clear we had chosen a good day to visit and we were in for a treat ...

Photo 2: Snowdrops at the Entrance to The Weir Garden

The stiff breeze made the snowdrops dance ...

Video 1: Dancing Snowdrops, The Weir Garden (4/2/24)

... but at times it looked like the white carpet had been put out for us ...

Photo 3: A Carpet of Snowdrops, The Weir Garden (4/2/24)

Photo 4: Snowdrops with the Promise of Daffodils to Come

Amongst the snowdrops, clumps of dark green leaves announce the pending arrival of daffodils (Photo 4) Their time will come but now is the time for snowdrops. (Photo 5).

Photo 5: Early February at The Weir Garden

Here, a lone daffodil struggles to blow its own trumpet in the wind section ...

Video 2: In the Wind Section, a Lone Daffodil blows its Trumpet

There was plenty of evidence for the forthcoming changeover betwixt Winter and Spring. Stinking hellebore abounded - its name is somewhat of a misnomer if left alone but avoid crushing the leaves otherwise its other common name, dungwort, becomes more descriptive.

Photo 6: Stinking Hellebore, The Weir Garden (4/2/24)

Winter crocuses were prominent - looking flustered in the blustery conditions ...

Video 3: Blowin' in the Wind

While the primroses were keeping a low, but perfectly formed, profile ...

Photo 7: Primroses at The Weir Garden (4/2/24)

Celandine, periwinkle, cyclamen, spring or early-flowering borage (aka Abraham-Isaac-Jacob), winter heliotrope were among the flowering plants.

The neatly trimmed yews add structure to the gardens ...

Photo 8: Yew Landscape I

Photo 9: Yew Landscape II

Photo 10: Yew Landscape III


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