The Weir Garden and Painted Ladies

Over the past few days, we have been enjoying the company of our daughter and granddaughter. Today, we dropped them off at Hereford Railway Station to catch the London Paddington train. On the spur of the moment, we decided to visit The Weir Garden, a local National Trust property.

Hay fields viewed from The Weir Garden

Although primarily a spring garden, it is still worth a visit at other times of the year.

Hay Bales viewed from The Weir Garden, Herefordshire

After a gentle stroll around this riverside garden, we headed off to the walled garden. On the way, we pondered why it was called the Weir Garden since there was clearly no weir to be seen. In the distant past, a number of weirs were built on the Wye either to improve navigation (with associated locks) or for the operation of watermills. However,

In 1675 a report on the state of the river was that the "hazard of keeping and mainteyning the Lockes makes the passage of Boates so chargeable that it takes away the profitt of the river". It was proposed "that it should become an Open and Comon River" and that the "Owners of Mills and Weares" should be bought out by a tax on the county

And so, all the weirs were removed but the Weir Garden kept its name.

The walled garden is a short walk from the entrance to the Weir Garden.  It is currently undergoing a slow and steady restoration - especially the greenhouse. There are fruit trees, herbaceous borders, and vegetable plots...

Pumpkin patch at the Walled Garden

...and some wildflower meadows...

Wildflower Meadow

We were also thrilled to see a number of Painted Lady butterflies that had just hatched...

Painted Lady on agastache

Painted Lady butterflies are long-distance migrants originating from North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. They arrive in late spring/early summer, mate, lay eggs, hatch as caterpillars, pupate (chrysalis) and re-emerge as butterflies in August and September. Unfortunately, no development stage of the butterfly can withstand our UK winter though this may change as our climate warms.

Painted Lady

Painted Lady (Weir Garden - 26/8/22)

Painted Lady (Weir Garden - 26/8/22)


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