The Fruity Thief - Part II


Blackbird enjoying rowanberries

If you look carefully then you will spot a blackbird - either female or young - in our Mountain Ash (Rowanberry) tree. These orange-red berries are an autumn treat for the birds but this blackbird seems to be starting a little early. Possibly, the recent hot weather has brought forward the ripening of the rowanberries though it may also be down to the last of the redcurrants being picked along with a sparsity of strawberries - our blackbird's favourite fruits.

In case you didn't spot the blackbird in the above photo here is a short video (9 seconds) - taken on my Pixel 4a phone - of her/him enjoying the rowanberries. The rowanberry crop looks smaller this year but, hopefully, there will be enough to attract other birds into the garden in autumn.


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