Composting Corn Starch Peanuts - Update

 In a previous post, I undertook a few basic experiments investigating the compostability of corn starch peanuts (widely used in packaging) in the hot composting process. Last month (July) I finally received a parcel containing the aforementioned corn starch peanuts. Time to see the effect of hot composting on this more environmental form of packaging.

I have two different types of hot composter: a HotBin™ Mark 1 and a prototype design from Soilfixer. These units are no longer available and have been replaced with updated models.

On the 8th July 2022, both compost bins were approximately half full with compost temperatures of 57 ℃ at a depth of 10 cm.  I added a quantity of corn starch peanuts to both composting bins in the afternoon, took a photo, shut the lid, and returned the following morning to see what happened. [Note: no observable change in compost temperature at a 10 cm depth on both days].

HotBin™ Mark 1 results:

HotBin immediately after addition of 'Peanuts' (8/7/22)

HotBin the day after (9/7/22)

Prototype Hot Composter results:

Prototype immediately after addition of 'Peanuts' (8/7/22)

Prototype the day after (9/7/22)


The hot humid conditions found in the hot composting process were sufficient to dissolve the corn starch peanuts. Complete dissolution took about 36 hours and there was no noticeable effect on the composting process. Corn starch peanuts are suitable for composting in a hot composting process.


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