Goodrich Castle and Roaring Meg

 It is traditional to have a day out on August Bank Holiday Monday. While there are no guarantees regarding the English weather, you can usually count on it being warm if not always dry. Many people head to the seaside for the last summer fling before the kids go back to school in September.

Today, we are in luck and it is warm (20 ℃ or above between 11 am and 7 pm), dry, and sunny with just a few fairweather clouds. So, picnic packed and off to Goodrich Castle which, as members of English Heritage, includes free entry. There were lots of families though it wasn't overcrowded.

Solar Block at Goodrich Castle

For more information on this 11th Century castle ruin look here, here, and here. There are scenic views from the battlements...

Goodrich Castle - looking down on the moat

View from the battlements - Goodrich Castle

Goodrich Castle - view from the battlements

It is a 400-metre walk from the car park and visitor centre (information, cafe, toilets, shop, reception) to the castle. There are no facilities at the castle. It is a great place for kids to explore but there are quite a few steps to negotiate if you want to see it all. Roaring Meg is a mortar/cannon built locally in the Forest of Dean. It was used in the English Civil War by the Parliamentarians/Roundheads to capture Goodrich Castle from the Royalists/Cavaliers.

Roaring Meg at Goodrich Castle

Not far from Goodrich Castle is an area known as The Doward which includes a number of nature reserves managed by the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust. Our first-ever visit is described in the next post...


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