The Fruity Thief

This is one of our friendly blackbirds often seen singing from nearby rooftops and chimneys or scurrying around in the undergrowth looking for worms & grubs. This morning he is perched on the fence in our kitchen garden...

Blackbird at his all-you-can-eat buffet

 The strawberries, just below his perch, are ripe and the redcurrants on the adjacent bush are almost ready for picking. Somewhere in the proximity of the pear tree, there is a rustling sound. In a flash, the male adult blackbird dives into the redcurrant bush and emerges with a slightly underripe redcurrant before disappearing into the pear tree. And the rustling sound seems to go up a notch!

Young Blackbird in Pear Tree

Then I spotted the young blackbird in the pear tree (Concorde). I have this youngster, or one very like it, around the garden for a few days now. We are slightly concerned for its/their safety as there is a pair of magpies in the locality. Two years ago, we witnessed a young blackbird become a meal for the magpies, although that was likely a young fledgeling that had fallen from its nest.

A few minutes later, there was a plaintive cry from another corner of the kitchen garden. With phone in hand, I tracked down the source...

  • 14 seconds, the male adult appears and disappears
  • 34 seconds, first youngster appears and makes the short run to the potato patch and safety
  • 39 seconds, second youngster spotted - fairly well camouflaged so decides to stay put
  • 44 seconds, the first youngster now makes his/her final run for freedom - probably following Dad!
Although blackbirds have a taste for my red fruit (strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and rowanberries), I do enjoy having them around. Their song is delightful and they will happily 'belt' it out from the rooftops for long periods.

PS It seemed appropriate the blackbirds were spotted near Mary's bird painting, featuring blackbirds! 


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