Making a beeline for...


...the Sarcococca bush.

It was the same warm sunny February day. The air was filled with an intense sweet-smelling fragrance and there was a definite buzz in the garden. My olfactory and aural senses led me to this Sarcococca bush tucked away in a corner of the garden.

This winter-flowering shrub was chock-a-block with flowers as the warmth of the winter sun distilled its sweet perfume into the surrounding ether. The slight breeze (4 km/h) wafted the scent to all parts of the garden so its bouquet could be detected from a distance of at least a perch (or pole or rod).

Its a real shame the 'Internet' doesn't have Smell-O-Vision (or Aromarama) otherwise you could also enjoy the rich & aromatic scent of Sarcococca

Birds visit the Sarcococca for their small black berries. Today, we had another visitor. A dozen or so honey bees collecting nectar. This explained why there was a buzz in the garden!

Honey bees are normally seen between May - September or April - October depending on where you source your information. So February 7th does seem a little early!

Finally, a little poem we used to recite to our children to get them to eat their greens:

I eat my peas with honey

I've done it all my life

It makes the peas taste funny

But it keeps it on the knife

Ogden Nash


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