Power Pause Update 3

 As mentioned previously, we are participating in the National Grid's Demand Flexibility Service. Initially, power savings, and consequently, financial savings were minimal because I'd forgotten to switch off the air source heat pumps during the power pause. I didn't make the same mistake twice and the results were more promising. The next Power Pause was also successful.

Another opportunity to participate came on 2nd February 2024 between 5 pm and 6 pm. At the time, it seemed a little odd to be having a Power Pause because there was a good deal of wind-generated power on that day. Figure 1 is a screenshot (from grid.iamkate.com) during the power pause; wind was supplying nearly 50% of the demand!

Figure 1: Generation Mix at 5.20 pm on February 2nd 2024

Perhaps one of the other generating sources (e.g. nuclear, biomass or imports) was operating below expected levels or they just wanted to tone done the fossil fuel use.

Whatever the reason for having a Power Pause, we saved 1,34 kWh and earned £2.98. The price earned per kWh saved had dropped to £2.22 per kWh.

I think there may be a couple more Power Pauses planned for this winter.


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