Signs of Spring??

 The first garden snowdrop of 2024 appeared very early in January. At the beginning of February, the snowdrops in the garden are now in full bloom (Photo 1) ...

Photo 1: Garden Snowdrops (3rd February 2024)

... brought on by the unseasonably warm weather we are experiencing at the moment (Figure 1) and following on from the warm end to 2023. 

Figure 1: Mean Daily Temperatures (5th January to 3rd February 2024)

For comparison purposes the mean daily temperatures in January and February are 4.68 ℃ and 5.0 ℃ respectively (based on the 1991 -2020 average for the nearby Credenhill Weather Station).

Cyclamen and crocus are also in bloom ...

Photo 2: Cyclamen in the Garden (1st February 2024)

Photo 3: Crocus in the Garden (1st February 2024)

We've not seen our first butterfly yet though it may not be long till we do. Other insects have been spotted such as this green lacewing ...

Photo 4: Green Lacewing on the Wormery (28th January 2024)

and a queen buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) warming herself on a sunny south-facing wall ...

Photo 5: Buff-Tailed Bumblebee (Queen) - 2nd February 2024

Mind you, the forecast is for a period of colder weather in about a week's time.

Figure 2: BBC Weather Forecast for Hereford (6th to 16th February 2024)


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