A Hot Composting Saga (Part 2): "Eyes Bigger Than Your Belly"

The story continues from Part 1 ...

Before recklessly agreeing to take all my neighbour's garden waste, I probably should have given a little more thought to the amount and type of garden waste that I was planning to compost. In total, there were 23 very full plastic sacks: the pile shown in Photo 1 was less than half the amount. At roughly 80 litres per sack, there are nearly 2 cubic metres of garden waste, and probably more once the sack contents decompress! 

Photo 1: 10 Bags, less than half the garden waste

Since most of this garden waste was woody in nature (clematis stems), I would need to find a similar amount of truly green waste for a successful hot composting operation. Naturally, I will be shredding this garden waste to speed up the hot composting process and I will also need to have all three of my hot composting bins working [1], [2], [3], [4], [5].

It might take all summer to make significant inroads into this stockpile so I'd better find somewhere to store it. I shredded the contents of four sacks for immediate composting and put the rest out of sight down a side alley (Photo 2):

Photo 2: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The British idiom "eyes bigger than your belly" means to take more food than you can eat (literally) though it is also used in a more general sense of extending beyond one's capacity or capability. In polite company you might substitute 'stomach' for 'belly'.The American equivalent would be "biting off more than one can chew". Both idioms could be applied to this saga.

... to be continued.


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