Stop and Smell the Flowers

 There is a decent amount of colour in the front garden wall at the moment ...

Photo 1: Front Garden Wall (11th April 2023)

Photo 2: Front Garden Wall (11th April 2023)

Photo 3: Front Garden Wall (11th April 2023)

... although it is the smell rather than the colour that has attracted a nearby neighbour.

Video 1: Smelling the Flowers 1

Probably the strongest smell is from this wallflower (Sugar Rush Orange F1) seen in Photo 1. Here is a close-up ...

Photo 4: Sugar Rush Orange F1 Wallflower

Dwarfing in habit and sweetly scented, it is ideal for walls and pots. It is certainly appreciated by passers-by.

Video 2: Smelling the Flowers 2


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