First Pear Blossom (2023)

Photo 1: Doyenne du Comice (5th April 2023)

We have two espalier pear trees. One is definitely Concorde - a cross between Conference and Doyenne du Comice. The other, I suspect but don't know for sure, is a Doyenne du Comice - chosen as a co-pollinator for Concorde.

I spotted the first open flower (Photo 1) on the Doyenne du Comice on the 5th of April. And a couple of days later, the flowers on the Concorde (Photo 2) opened ...

Photo 2: Concorde Pear Tree (7th April 2023)

It is the concurrence of these two events that make these two pear varieties ideal as co-pollinators.

Hoping for no late frosts to spoil the harvest.🤞


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