A Hot Composting Saga (Part 1): When is Green Waste Not Green Waste?

Mary came home one day after having spoken to a neighbour who was putting out green waste for collection the next day by the dustbin men & women. Our neighbour had cut down a large amount of clematis growth and packed it in plastic bags - itself not an easy task. The bags, purchased from the local council, had a message printed on them:

This waste goes to landfill or incineration

Please consider home composting

Our neighbour was unaware of this small print and, not unreasonably, had assumed the local Council would compost the green waste at a local composting facility. Sometime in 2023, Herefordshire Council will start a fortnightly collection of seasonal garden waste but this service is not currently available

Clearly, we could not let this go to either landfill or the incinerator so I agreed to take all of our neighbour's green waste and compost it at home. Little did I know what a Herculean task I was about to take on. Although, in hindsight, a better description of the job might be Sisyphean.

... to be continued.



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