Fruit/Vegetable Anomalies #4

Coles' Law:  [Carrot + Cabbage + Onion + Mayo + Mustard + Seasoning] = Δlicious

See here, here, and here for previous posts in this occasional series. If you have a feeling of deja vu, it is because carrots have already appeared in this series.

Photo 1: The first carrots of 2023

After various trials and tribulations getting my carrot crop started, there has been plenty of lush top growth thanks to sufficient rain in a coolish July and August.

Photo 2: Root Crops with Carrots in the Foreground (August 5th)

We recently had a visit from one of our granddaughters who likes nothing better than helping grandad with jobs in the garden! Digging up potatoes is her favourite activity, closely followed by the extraction of other root crops.

Photo 1 shows the first four carrots pulled from this year's crop. The shoulder (or crown) protruding just above soil level suggested a good-sized carrot beneath. That was, indeed, the case but instead of a nice straight root, we found some rather unusual shapes and contortions. Though not quite as bad as 2022.

One day I'll get the knack of just growing straight carrots. At least they are a good size and largely pest-free.


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