Miniature Jungle

 In October 2022, we bought three small (actually, very small) flowering cherries (Kojo-no-mai) from Thompson & Morgan. The plants arrived in 9 cm pots and were upgraded to 12 cm pots after a month or so. By the following March (2023), two of the three shrubs were flowering (Photo 1) but one was looking rather sad (by sad, I mean dead). A quick e-mail (with picture) to Thompson & Morgan and a replacement was on its way. These shrubs grow to about 8 feet tall (2.5 m) so ours have a long way to go.

Photo 1: Flowering Kojo-no-mai (March 2023)

Mary noticed the other day that one of the Kojo-no-mai had a miniature forest of flowering bryophytes covering the soil surface. Now I cannot tell my mosses & liverworts from my hornworts but I did hear Mary mention the liverworts. Here is the long-distance view showing the autumn colours of the cherry with flowering cyclamen in the background ...

Photo 2: Kojo-no-mai growing out of bryophyte jungle

... followed by a close-up of the bryophyte jungle (Photo 3) ...

Photo 3: Bryophyte Jungle

... and a bit closer ...

Photo 4: Close-up of Bryophyte Jungle

A fascinating miniature world. Jungle or Forest?


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