Fruit/Vegetable Anomalies #2 Carrots

 Moving on from unusual strawberries, here are a few misshapen carrots I have grown - although they've really grown themselves. Firstly, the squid carrot - well it does have eight arms/legs...

Squid Carrot

Then there is the Wishful Thinking (or Cross Your Fingers) or Dancing Carrot...

Wishful Thinking Carrot

And finally, the Tippy-Toed Starfish Carrot. I think you can guess I was struggling to name this one. Any other suggestions welcome...

Starfish Walking on Tippy-Toes

These photos were from 2018 & 2019. I don't have more recent photos because I've sort of given up growing carrots because of these deformaties and a prevalence of boring pests that limit yields and culinary use.

One reason often given for forking roots (not a euphemism) is poor soil, especially stony and/or low-nutrient soil. I know this is not the case for the soil in our kitchen garden where the soil comprises sieved premium topsoil in raised beds that is topped up regularly with copious amounts of humus-rich compost - see also here, here, here, here and here.

I have a problem with carrot fly. I've used physical barriers, grown only varieties such as Resistafly and Flyaway, employed a 4-year crop rotation system and tried late sowing but all to no avail. I'm sure I will have another go at growing carrots because they are easy to grow and great to eat...


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