Wenslydale, Whodunnit and Worms

The Mousetrap Cheese Shop on Church Street is our local Hereford cheese emporium. Great service and, as you would expect, a great selection of cheeses. Worcestershire Hop, Cornish Yarg, and Y Fenni are three of our firm favourites.

The Mousetrap Cheese Shop, Hereford

The Mousetrap is also a well-known whodunnit play by Agatha Christie that had its premiere in 1952 and is currently on its 70th Anniversary Tour. That tour took in The Courtyard theatre in Hereford where we enjoyed a matinee performance along with a capacity crowd.

The Courtyard, Hereford

At the end of the play, the audience was reminded to keep the ending secret so as not to spoil the mystery and enjoyment of future attendees.

And speaking of mysterious secrets, I have just started beta testing a new & novel wormery design for a commercial company. I would give more details but it's classified. I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you ...



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