Monmouth - A delightful market town

Photo 1: Monnow Bridge

A few days ago we visited Monmouth, just over the Welsh border. We were on a shopping mission but this small town (pop: ~10,000) is well worth a visit for its many places of interest. Monmouth is accessible by bus though not by train; the railway closed down in 1959. In the past, we have done the journey by bus, probably via Ross-on-Wye, but this time we were in the campervan.

Monmouth developed as a settlement around the confluence of the River Monnow and the River Wye and its name is derived from a contraction of Monnow-mouth.  Its best-known building is the Monnow Bridge - the last remaining example in Britain of a fortified river bridge. It is a Grade 1 listed building and a scheduled monument.

The reason I am mentioning any of this is not because it was a successful shopping trip, which it was, but because I was impressed with the floral displays around the public conveniences near the Monnow Bridge.

Photo 2: 


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