Reminder for the Big Butterfly Count

Just a reminder the Big Butterfly Count has started and you can send in any sightings up to 6th August. We have noticed an increase in numbers and species in the garden over the last week. 

Photo 1 was taken by Mary on the 21st July using a Pixel 4a phone - a Green-veined White feeding on marjoram. This specimen has recently emerged as part of the summer brood. 

Photo 1: Green-veined White on Marjoram

A short video of two 'freshly-minted' gatekeeper butterflies feeding on marjoram is shown below, recorded on a Pixel 4a phone in 2x slow motion mode (Video 1).

Video 1: Slo-mo of Two Gatekeepers

Keep looking and, maybe, grow some marjoram and/or other herbs!


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