Big Butterfly Count 2023 (UK)


Holly Blue on Concorde Pear Tree (8th July 2023)

A reminder that this year's Big Butterfly Count takes place between the 14th of July and the 6th of August 2023. Just 15 minutes of your time counting the number and type of butterflies wherever you are - garden, picnic, visiting friends and relatives, sitting in an urban park, etc.

So far this year, I've counted fewer butterflies than normal and that is not a good sign. So we need citizen scientists to step forward and help with the conservation of moths and butterflies. No experience is needed, just a curious mind. There was an upsurge in scientific citizenry during the recent pandemic but this enthusiasm has already started to drop off. You can make a difference and all it requires is to sit quietly with a glass of Pimms (other beverages are available) for 15 minutes - don't overdo the Pimms otherwise you might double count!

Details of how to take part are given here and you can find information from previous counts here.

Good Luck!!

Red Admiral, Kitchen Garden, 8th July 2023)


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