Giving the Pond a Spring Clean

 This year we did not have any frogspawn in our small garden pond. Mary did find a dead frog in late winter and we weren't sure whether there were any frogs left. Using the water sampler I bought for river testing ...

Photo 1: Water Sampler/Pond Emptier

... Mary carefully emptied the pond one litre at a time ...

Photo 2: Pond emptying completed

We weren't sure whether there was any amphibian life present so were pleasantly surprised when a small frog was found lurking in the sediment at the bottom of the pond (Photo 3)

Photo 3: Resident Amphibian

The pond was refilled with rainwater from our water butts and we made sure he had an escape route should he* wish to leave ...

Photo 4: Checking the coast is clear

* Mary thought it was a 'he' due to his/her diminutive size

Photo 5: Deciding to stay awhile

And why would you want to leave such an idyllic garden? Can you spot the flying blackbird? 

Photo 6: The Frog's Garden

Scroll down for the blackbird's position ...


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