March and we get our first snow!!

Snow and Hereford are not nouns you would normally expect to see in the same sentence! Nevertheless, the UK was hit with an Arctic blast last night and the cold conditions are expected to continue for the next few days. The snow started in the south and will spread northwards over the next day or so. Our son and family live in the South of England which received about three inches of snow. The family pet certainly seems to be enjoying this new experience.

Video 1: Cavapoo's first experience of snow

In Hereford, it has snowed pretty much all-day but it didn't amount to much. This was the scene from the rear window at 10 o'clock this morning ...

Video 2: View from the Rear Window (8th March 2023) at 10 am
... and after a day of non-stop snowing, this was the scene at 5 o'clock in the afternoon ... 

Video 3: View from the Rear Window (8th March 2023) at 5 pm

So not that impressive!


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