An Ode to the House Sparrow written by ChatGPT

 ChatGPT is a chatbox powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). I downloaded this version (Photo 1) of ChatGPT from Google Play:

Photo 1: ChatGPT version used

Then asked the app to write a poem about house sparrows ...

Photo 2: Part of our House Sparrow Colony

... and it produced this in about 30 seconds:

The house sparrow, small but bold,

With feathers brown, and wings to hold,

A heart so fierce, a joy to behold,

In cities and towns, it has grown so old.

It flits and hops, through streets and lanes,

A master of survival, with no refrains,

With food and shelter, it has made some gains,

A bird so common, that forever remains.

It builds its nest, with sticks and straw,

In gutters and eaves, it finds a flaw,

It lays its eggs, with nature's awe,

A cycle of life, without any flaw.

So let's cherish the house sparrow, a bird so dear,

A symbol of our earth, with no fear,

In its eyes, we see our salvation near,

A world that's pure, full of love and cheer.

My effort below took much longer ...

Our house sparrow colony

Lives in an old ivy hedge,

Making such a cacophony,

It sets your teeth on edge.

They visit the bird feeder

With regular monotony.

Playing follow my leader,

That's our house sparrow colony.

The constant trills

From our house sparrow colony.

So devoid of frills

Without even an apology.

Yet, when Autumn comes round,

And the birds fly away,

To the countryside bound,

And we hoped they would stay.

After their rural retreat,

We'll welcome the throng

Back here to eat

So we can enjoy their song.


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