A Winter Snowdrop Tour - Part 3 (Upton House and Gardens)


Photo 1: Snowdrops at Upton House and Gardens (26/2/23)

Our visit to Upton House and Gardens was a serendipitous event. After our visit to Evenley Wood Garden, the following day we set off for a stopover at Stratford-upon-Avon, ostensibly to visit Charlecote Park. Mary was, optimistically as it turned out, hoping to see hares that are known to frequent this estate. With hindsight, it was probably a little early and a little too cold but, fortuitously, we stumbled across Upton House and Gardens.

Photo 2: Upton House (26/2/23)

It was nearly 4 o'clock in the afternoon so there wasn't much time to explore before the gardens closed to the public. Enough time, however, to admire the snowdrops ...

Photo 3: Snowdrops at Upton House and Gardens (26/2/23)

Photo 4: Upton House and Gardens (26/2/23)

Photo 5: Snowdrops & Winter Aconite (Upton House, 26/2/23)

We have made a note to revisit this little gem later in the year.

Photo 6: Kitchen garden at Upton House and Gardens (26/2/23)

So I'll sign off with one of Mary's arty-farty photos ...

Photo 7: How much does a Grecian Urn?


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