First Cutting of the Greensward in 2023

Many years ago we decided to dispense with our lawn (possibly better described as a patch of weedy clumps) and go with raised flower beds instead. Whilst grass cuttings are a very useful green feedstock for my hot composters, I don't think we have ever regretted getting rid of the lawn. Nevertheless, we are happy to encourage our neighbour to keep and maintain their lawn so they can pass the cuttings on to us. Maximum benefit with minimum effort.

With the increased difficulties of maintaining a hot composter over the winter months, I kept looking (with green envy?!) across at our neighbour's lawn thinking surely it's time to cut that! 

So, on returning from a visit to see the wild daffodils around Dymock on the 25th March (yesterday), it brought me great joy to come across the first cutting of the greensward for 2023.

Photo 1: Greensward first cut (2023)

Looking back, this turns out to be about the normal time for our neighbour to start cutting the lawn. In previous years the first lawn cut has been:

2020: 19th March
2021: 15th March
2022: 28th February
2023: 25th March 

At the moment, 2022 seems to be the outlier.

On a final note, I must say our neighbour's lawn is looking much better!

Photo 2: After the first cut (2023)


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