Toms & Cukes

I grow tomatoes and cucumbers in our polytunnel - usually, four cucumber plants and up to twelve tomato plants (salad and cherry) using a Quadgrow system; see here and here. By this time of year (mid-October) the plants are looking a little ragged ...

Polytunnel in mid-October 2022
... but still producing ...

Polytunnel Cukes and Toms (October 18th)

Cukes still flowering in mid-October

I have already harvested the chillies, aubergines and bell peppers ...

Jalapeno Chilli Peppers (2022 crop)

Aubergines (August 2022)

Sweet or Bell Pepper (September 2022)

... and emptied the Salad/Veg Planters to start the Autumn clearout of the polytunnel.

Fortunately, the weather is still mild in this part of England so I can leave the tomatoes to ripen a little longer and the cucumbers to bulk out a little more.

Mary made a delicious ratatouille using produce from the garden: onions, garlic, celery, bell peppers, aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes.


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