A Ringing Endorsement for Bell Peppers?


2022 Crop of Sweet Peppers

October 9th and we are getting the occasional chilly night (1 - 3 ℃) though the days are still quite warm (17 - 20 ℃). Time to bring in the crop of Bell Peppers (aka Sweet Peppers) from the Salad/Vegetable Planter in our polytunnel. Sweet and Chilli Pepper are best grown under glass (or under plastic in the case of our polytunnel) in this part of the UK. The Salad/Veg Planter ensures they get all the water and nutrients they need while the hot summer has helped produce a bumper crop.

Seeds were sown in early April and the 6 best plants transferred to a large Salad/Veg Planter in the polytunnel on May 10th. Picked first decent-sized pepper on August 10th.

From past experience, I have found that Bell Peppers (and indeed, Chillies and Aubergines) grow and fruit better when planted as a group which is why I use the Salad/Veg Planters rather than the linear Quadgrow System that works great for tomatoes and cucumbers. Each Bell Pepper plant yielded 10-12 good sized peppers.

We will enjoy the peppers raw in salads and cooked as stuffed peppers or ratatouille. Extras will be sliced/diced and frozen for use later in the year.

2022 Bell Pepper Crop (6 plants)


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