When You're Feeling Blue ...

 Following an eventful trip to the Isle of Wight, it was nice to get home and see how the garden birds were doing. There were still some peanuts in a feeder but the seeds and suet pellets had all gone by the time we returned home. Fortunately, peanuts are a major attractant for the Tit family and we currently have a family of five visiting the garden. Photo 1 was taken through a double-glazed window using full zoom (x30) with a Google Pixel 7 Pro phone (nest box was approximately 11 metres away).

Photo 1: Blue Tit in Nest Box (30/10/23)

Photo 2 is a cropped/enlarged version of Photo 1.

Photo 2: Blue Tit in Nest Box (30/10/23)

Much to Mary's exasperation, the blue tits are not nesting in the box. Whilst there were no juveniles, their behaviour - lots of exploratory play and inexperience accessing the feed station - suggests some of them were relatively immature. Late brood, moved in from the surrounding countryside or migrated from colder climes?

In any case, just great to see them around. This inquisitive blue tit came close to the window allowing me to photograph it through the glass without any zoom (Google Pixel 7 Pro).

Photo 3: Head On

Photo 4: Side On

Photo 5: Rear On

This picture (Photo 6) was taken through an open upstairs window with a Lumix FX-38 on partial zoom ('target' approximately 10 metres).

Photo 6: Blue Tit on Feeder

This video (Video 1) was filmed through glass on a Pixel 7 Pro:

Video 1: Blue Tit & House Sparrow on Bird Feeder

Finally, a couple of still photos shot through a double-glazed window with Pixel Pro 7. 

Photo 7: Pair of Blue Tits on Feeder

Photo 8: Blue Tit & House Sparrow on Feeder


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