View from the Rear Window - September 2023

 "September days remind me of summer while September nights anticipate the winter days to come" -

The glorious weather of early September served as a poignant reminder of the summer we never had in July and August. There were 8 consecutive days (4th - 11th September inclusive) when the mean daily temperature recorded by my Davis weather station did not drop below 20 ℃. There were 10 consecutive days (2nd - 11th) when the maximum daily temperature was 25 ℃ or more, and 6 consecutive days (4th - 9th) when the daily maximum was 30 ℃ and above. The last two weeks of the month were noticeably cooler though still above the long-term average.

Three photos of the back garden this month. Can you spot the differences between Photo 1 and Photo 2?

Photo 1: Rear Garden on the 8th September

Early September was apple picking time, especially from the Rev W Wilks apple tree behind Mary. This tree fruits biennially and there was a good crop this year. Everything still looking green with plenty of flowering plants including cosmos, fuchsia, dahlias, osteospermum, rudbeckia, pansies, sunflowers and more.

Photo 2: Rear Garden on the 9th September

By the end of September, many flowers had peaked apart from the fuchsias which were still growing strong. The rose bed (to the right of the bird feeder) was having its third flush of the year.

Photo 3: Rear Garden on the 30th September

A time-lapse video of September's daily garden photos can be found in Video 1.

Video 1: Daily Garden Photos (September 2023)

Summary of Weather Parameters for September 2023

Overall, a warm month with the beginning of September very warm and dry.

Table 1: Weather Statistics for September 2023

September 2023

Weather Parameter



Average Monthly Temperature 

17 oC

Maximum Monthly Temperature

33 oC

8th & 9th

Minimum Monthly Temperature

5 oC


Number of Air Frost Days


Number of Hot Days (> 25 oC)


Monthly Precipitation

27.4 mm

Greatest 24 h Precipitation

5.0 mm

19th - 20th

Number of Dry Days


Monthly Sunshine Hours (estimated)


Average Wind Speed

2 km/h

Highest Wind Speed

40 km/h


Maximum Barometric Pressure (Sea Level)

1027.2 hPa


Minimum Barometric Pressure (Sea Level)

992.2 hPa


Average Barometric Pressure (Sea Level)

1013.6 hPa

Heating Degree Days


Cooling Degree Days


Figures 1 & 2 are graphical representations of daily minimum and maximum temperatures, rainfall and sunshine hours. The steady hot, dry conditions of early September contrasting with the cooler, wetter and more variable weather conditions in the final two-thirds of the month.

Figure 1: Min/Max Daily Temperatures (September 2023)

Figure 2: Rainfall & Sunshine - September 2023

In Figures 3 & 4, I compare the September temperature, rainfall, and sunshine data for the last four years. September 2023 was not only the warmest, on average, in the 2020 - 2023 period but also registered the highest daily temperature (33 ℃). Rainfall was in the middle of the range for 2020 - 2023 with sunshine hours typical for this month.

Figure 3: September Temperature Data for the 2020 - 2023 Period

Figure 4: Rainfall & Sunshine Data (September 2020 - 2023)

The UK Met Office's Weather Report for September can be found here. The Met Office summarized September 2023 as follows:

"High pressure influenced the UK's weather for the first half of September, bringing fine, sunny, dry conditions and the most significant spell of warmth since June. From 4th to 10th, the UK experienced a significant heatwave with temperatures exceeding 30°C somewhere in the UK for seven consecutive days: a September record."

The same summary works well for our Hereford garden!

Figures 5, 6, & 7 show, respectively, the mean temperature anomaly, and relative rainfall and sunshine data for the UK courtesy of the UK Met Office. The location of Herefordshire is clearly indicated in all three maps.

September 2023 was the equal-warmest (shared with 2006) September in the UK based on records going back to 1884. For England and Wales, it was the warmest September ever recorded. Both the Met Office data (Figure 5) and my local weather station (Figure 3) agree that Herefordshire was exceedingly warm in September.

Figure 5: UK Mean Temperature Anomalies, September 2023

Rainfall for the UK was slightly above the long-term average but  near normal for Herefordshire (Figure 6).

Figure 6: UK Rainfall (% Typical) for September 2023

Scotland and Eastern England had above-average sunshine hours but Herefordshire was close to the average (Figure 7).

Figure 7: UK Sunshine Hours (% Typical) for September 2023

Jobs in the Garden
  • Dig up potatoes with granddaughter
  • Harvesting French Beans, Carrots, Raspberries, Apples, Celery, Sweet Peppers, Beetroot, Sweetcorn, Pears, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Parsnip, Squashes, Marrows, Chard, Spinach
  • Plenty of shredding and composting
Flora & Fauna
  • 2 x Blackbirds
  • 2 x Blue Tits
  • 2 x Collared Doves
  • 1 x Crow
  • 1 x Dunnock
  • 1 x Great Tit
  • 20 x Sparrows
  • 7 x Long-tailed Tits
  • 1 x Robin
Video 2: Robin Alarm Cal
  • 8 x Starlings
  • 2 x Wood Pigeons
  • Common Frog
Photo 4: Common Frog in Garden Pond

And, finally, some pictures from the garden:

Photo 5: Fuchsia

Photo 6: Osteospermum

Photo 7: Dahlia

Photo 8: Dahlia

Photo 9: Salvia 'Hot Lips'

Photo 10: Pansy

Photo 11: Raindrops on Nasturtium Leaves

Photo 12: Nasturtium

Photo 13: Cyclamen under Acer

Photo 14: Tomatoberry Cherry Tomatoes


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