The Weir Garden - Second Visit


Photo 1: River Wye from The Weir Garden

We last visited the National Trust's Weir Garden towards the end of January (28th) when the first snowdrops were beginning to appear. It was time for a return visit yesterday (19th February) to see the snowdrops in full bloom. There was an encouraging sign just outside the entrance to the garden (Photo 2):

Photo 2: Snowdrop clumps at the entrance to The Weir Garden (19/2/23)

Along the top path, near the 'facilities', the display of snowdrops stretched out into the distance (Photo 3):

Photo 3: Snowdrops into the distance ...

And looking in the opposite direction, along the River Wye, what had been a sparse display of snowdrops three weeks earlier (Figure 1) was now a mass of delicate white flowers (Photo 4):

Photo 4: Snowdrops and the River Wye

 Snowdrops and early daffodils co-mingled on the garden slopes (Photo 5):

Photo 5: Snowdrops and Daffodils in the Winter Sun

How long, I wonder, until the golden hordes of daffodils blowing their trumpets arrive:

Photo 6: Daffodils preparing to blow their trumpets of colour

Low-lying delicate croci (crocuses) were dotted about amongst the snowdrops and daffodils; occasionally,  larger swathes were discernible (Photo 7):

Photo 7: Croci at the Weir garden (19/2/23)

If anyone asks "what did the Romans ever do for us?", you might mention crocuses as well as...

Video 1: The Romans sketch from Monty Python

Lesser Celandine, Periwinkle, Winter Aconite, Primrose, Cyclamen and Scilla (Photo 8)were all on display here and there:

Photo 8: Scilla at the Weir Garden (19/2/23)

Finally, a trip out wouldn't be the same without one of Mary's 'artistic' photos:

Photo 9: Branching Out (The Weir Garden, 19/2/23)

After our visit, we nipped down the road to Timothy & Birch for cake and a hot beverage. A perfect end to a sunny winter's afternoon.


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