Big Garden Birdwatch - Results

 Let's start with a short video of Blue and Great Tits feeding on the Finches Friend bird feeder and recorded on our trail camera; see here for details.

Overall, a bit disappointing in terms of the numbers and species. Mary did two 'one-hour counts' on Friday 27th and Sunday 29th of January. Over these two periods, she saw:

  • 1 x Robin
  • 1 x Blackbird
  • 1 x Magpie
  • 2 x House Sparrows
  • 2 x Wood Pigeons
  • 1 Crow
  • 2 x Blue Tits
  • 1 x Great Tit

Compared with the Big Garden Birdwatch (2022), we gained one extra species (Magpie) but 'lost' three (Collared Dove, Starling and Lesser Black-backed Gull). Numbers were also down from 21 in 2022 to 11 this year. Let's finish with another short video of the visiting tits on the feeder.


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