Davis Weather Station - Update

My Davis Weather Station is a Vantage Pro2 Plus with an additional AirLink particulate monitor. Data are collected continuously by a 6100 Weatherlimk Live unit for automatic upload to the Davis Weatherlink.com cloud platform for archiving in 15-minute packages. Live data can be viewed via the mobile app with more detailed information available via a browser (Chrome on a Chromebook in my case) as this screenshot shows ...

Limited graphing capabilities are included in the browser app; for example, these plots summarise mean, maximum, and minimum daily temperatures for the whole of 2022.

The app is very easy to use but downloading the graphs is only possible via screenshots and there are times when a little more flexibility in the graphing capabilities would be useful. Davis will send your data on request should you wish to use third-party software programs such as Cumulus or Weather Display


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