View from the Rear Window - November 2022

 As November drew to a close, so did the Autumn Season of 2022, meteorologically-speaking. I remember it as warm and overcast - but what does the weather data reveal. October's report is here with links to previous months.

At the start of the month, there are still plenty of leaves on the trees and shrubs albeit tinged with seasonal golden-browns. We thankfully avoided the storms of November 2021, so we could enjoy the autumn colours for a little longer.

Rear Garden on 2nd November 2022

We had visited Westonbirt Arboretum in early November to see the autumn colours - we could have saved ourselves some money by staying at home!!

Rear Garden 14th November 2022

By the 21st November, the transition from autumn to winter had begun in earnest ...

Rear Garden 21st November 2022

... just before we entered December ...

Rear Garden 30th November 2022

Jobs in the Garden

  1. Harvest celery, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, leeks, spinach, red cabbage, kale, medlars
  2. Still consuming earlier harvests of fresh potatoes, onions, chilli peppers, apples and pears, marrows and squashes
  3. Winterize the asparagus bed
  4. Lots of garden-tidying, shredding and composting
  5. Sow green manure in the sweetcorn bed
November 2022 Weather

Weather parameters for October 2022 are collated below. Generally mild with only one frost at the end of the month. Plenty of rain kept the sunshine away and not too windy so we could enjoy the autumn leaves for longer. 

November 2022

Weather Parameter



Average Monthly Temperature 

9 oC

Maximum Monthly Temperature

18 oC


Minimum Monthly Temperature

-0 oC


Number of Air Frost Days


Number of Hot Days (> 25 oC)


Monthly Precipitation

101.6 mm

Greatest 24 h Precipitation

17.2 mm

Oct 31th - Nov 1st

Number of Dry Days


Monthly Sunshine Hours (estimated)


Average Wind Speed

3 km/h

Highest Wind Speed

48 km/h


Maximum Barometric Pressure (Sea Level)

1028.9 hPa


Minimum Barometric Pressure (Sea Level)

981.0 hPa


Average Barometric Pressure (Sea Level)

1012.5 hPa

Daily min/max temperatures are shown in the next plot. Day time temperatures remained high throughout the month until the last few days: overnight temperatures held up well for the first half of the month.

Daily rainfall and sunshine hours (using solar radiation as a proxy) are plotted below. Not many dry or sunny days with plenty of rain though not enough yet to compensate for the dry hot summer ...

The Met Office noted the UK would need near-record cold temperatures in December to prevent 2022 being the warmest year on record. Autumn 2022 (September, October & November) was the third warmest (average mean temperature = 11.1 ℃) since detailed records began in 1884; 2006 and 2011 were warmer.

The following image is taken from the Met Office website and annotated to indicate the approximate location of Herefordshire. For Autumn 2022, both mean temperature and rainfall were above average for Herefordshire and sunshine hours were about average ...

The next bargraph shows the November temperature variations recorded by my Davis Weather Station for 2020, 2021 and 2022. The unusual warmth this November can be attributed to higher night time temperatures and fewer frost days.

The following bargraph illustrates the higher than normal rainfall in November in what would, otherwise, be quite a 'normal' November for the 2020s.

And finally, a few photos from the garden ...

Fungi on an old apple tree stump

Apple and Plum Trees given a winter feed/mulch

Bletted Medlars

Acer Helicopter Seeds

Balletic beauty of autumn fuschsia

Autumn colour in the mini-wood

Hare baying at the moon

Sunbeams in the Acer

Winter-flowering Coronilla

Hot Lips Salvia


Impressive Autumn Colour in Neighbour's Garden

Bee on Broad Bean


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