Frost Damage and Leaky Butts

It has been cold (by UK standards) these last few days. A summary of December 2022 temperatures - upto 11th - recorded on my Davis Weather Station is shown below. Temperature readings are monitored continuously and recorded/saved every 15 minutes.

15-minute Temperature Readings (1/12/22 to 11/12/22)

The first six days of December were relatively mild before night-time temperatures plummetted into sub-zero territory on the 7th December. The next four days were sunny boosting daytime temperatures as high as 5 ℃ and 6 ℃. The 11th December was cloudy so daytime temperatures only reached 1 ℃ maximum.

The local weather forecast courtesy of the BBC is saying this cold snap will last for another week.

On my daily garden tour checking on the bird feeders, stocking up the hot compost bins and general garden housekeeping, I heard the sound of rushing water that I tracked down to a punctured water butt ...

Leaky Butt - 10th December 2022

The water butt was full of icy water and the location of the puncture (presumably caused by the subzero temperatures) meant I just had to let the butt empty itself.

The last of the celery plants took a bit of a frost hit ... 

Celery after frost - 9th December

The celeriac seemed to have gone the same way ...

Celeriac after frost - 9th December

... but has recovered somewhat ...

Celeriac - 11th December

The Swiss Chard and Perpetual Spinach (blue) look to have survived so far. Last winter they produced all through winter and spring, albeit winter was mild. The small parsnip patch (yellow) will be ready to lift soon now they've had a dose of frost to sweeten the roots.


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