Ice Pictures

In a recent post, I mentioned the recent cold snap we have been experiencing in the UK. It has been cold & frosty over a period of days which has allowed the ice pictures to develop on the Summerhouse window panes.

Ice Picture #1

Here are some weather data from my Davis Weather Station - minimum and maximum daily temperatures over the period from 1st December 2022 to 18th December 2022. The first six days of the month were mild for December - daytime temperatures around 5-7 ℃ with nighttime temperatures between 1-4 ℃. Temperatures first dipped below freezing point on the morning of the 7th and, since then, minimum daily temperatures have been below 0 ℃. On two days (13th/14th), daytime and nighttime temperatures stayed at, or below, freezing. Minimum temperatures of -6 ℃, -9 ℃ and -8 ℃ were recorded between the 14-16th December - comfortably the coldest temperatures I have recorded with my current weather station.

Max/Min Temperatures from 1/12/22-18/12/22

The record low minimum temperatures had a noticeable effect on my kitchen garden. We are promised a period of relative warmth so it will be interesting to see how the plants recover.

Kitchen Garden - 15/12/22

A few more ice pictures ...

Ice Picture #2

Ice Picture #3

Ice Picture #4

Ice Picture #5


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