Goodbye Ol' Friend

 Today, I said goodbye to an old friend - a pair of Rohan 'Jungle Expedition' Cargo Trousers - after long and faithful service.

Rohan Cargo Pants

They have been repaired a few times: notably the zip replaced and a big tear repaired by Mary. Which reminds me of the Trigger's broom scene from the British sitcom Only Fools and Horses. After serving time as a regular pair of trousers, one day they were splashed with paint while decorating and, overnight, converted to diy/gardening apparel.

I was trying to find out how long I'd had them. The original receipt was no longer around but could I narrow the timeline?

  • I have been using Rohan (yes, named after the mythical Lord of the Rings land) since the mid-1980s (?) after seeing an advert in the Sunday Times Magazine - I still have one item of clothing from that era!
  • My on-line account & order list with Rohan only went as far back as 2010 and did not include this item so the trousers were bought between 1980 and 2010.
  • These trousers had a feature known as Dynamic Moisture Control, introduced by Rohan in 1999.
  • Hence the evidence leads us to conclude this item was purchased sometime between 1999 and 2010
  • To narrow the timeline even further, we have to 'rely' on memories which are notoriously unreliable! Mary & I both think I bought these cargo pants before moving to Hereford which was late 2001 (or was it??).
  • There could be additional photographic evidence but it would be of the old-fashioned type (prints) and not date-stamped. At the moment I don't have the time or inclination to check out that line of evidence.
  • In summary, these 'Jungle Expedition' Cargo Trousers are at least 12 years old and, more likely, just over 20 years old.
I am fortunate enough to have no fashion sense and to care even less about whether the clothes I wear are fashionable or not. Practical, comfortable, hard-wearing and long-lasting are my four criteria. Rohan fulfils all these objectives; it is on the pricey side although still excellent value when you consider how long they last. There has been plenty of discussion recently on the unsustainable nature of fast fashion, particularly with regards to pollution and carbon footprint.

And finally, the Rohan garment that is 30+ years old...

Rohan Olfio Jacket/Top

It is still in remarkably good nick, with only a small repaired tear, and it still fits me - a claim I could not make about trousers of a similar age! 

My attitude to clothes is purely functional but I realise this is not everyone's point of view. If you want to be fashionable, maybe think about starting the fashion yourself rather than just following what the fashion industry's latest idea. Buying clothes that will last and you will wear again and again is good for your pocket and the planet. And dispose of your clothes responsibly by repurposing, donating to charities, homeless shelters, etc or recycling before putting them in the bin.


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