Garden Makeover - Part 2

Back in late April/early May, we visited our son & his girlfriend (now fiancee) to help out with a garden makeover at their newbuild house. The housing developers handed the garden over looking like this...

Original Garden Design

Three days later, the basics were in place and we left the garden looking like this...

Garden after Re-design (3 days later)

Two months later, after more work (and no help from us!), the garden is maturing nicely...

Garden in early July

A small garden, filling up with edibles and bee-friendly flowers, has turned a sterile environment into a wildlife haven attracting birds, bees, butterflies, and insects. The lawn is still an issue but is shrinking fast and will be further reduced when the patio is extended. We think a wildflower meadow with a path(s) mown through would be delightful and easy to maintain.


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