The Herefordshire Viking Hoard

In 2015, two metal detectorists uncovered a hoard of Viking artefacts near Leominster in Herefordshire. Instead of reporting this treasure find, as required by law, they sold most of the 300 pieces of jewellery and coins for personal profit. In 2019, both detectorists received long jail sentences (ten and eight & half years); two coin dealers were also convicted and given jail sentences. Out of the original hoard of 300+ pieces (worth up to £12 million), only 10 % was recovered including this 5th - 7th century crystal pendant.

The treasure find seems to go by various names. Wikipedia calls it The Leominster Hoard whereas Current Archaeology calls it The  Herefordshire Viking Hoard. At the moment, the British Museum is custodian of what remains of this Viking Hoard and it will cost Herefordshire Council about £1 million to buy it back and put it on display in the local museum.

Today (10/4/2022), Herefordshire Council and Hereford Museums organised a family day, including Viking re-enactment groups, at Hereford Rowing Club. We met up with two of our grandchildren and their dad to watch the re-enactments, make coins, try on helmets, etc. This bunch of Viking warriors looked pretty friendly though and were easily repelled by children throwing bean bags...

The day-out was free but there were several 'encouragements' to donate!


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