Big Garden Birdwatch 2022 - Results

Robin looking for worms in the garden

At the end of January, Mary spent an hour counting the birds in our garden as part of the Big Garden Birdwatch 2022. Her sightings were summarised here and the results were sent off to the RSPB. Over 11.5 million birds were counted by almost 700,000 people.

In our garden, the most populous birds were:

1    Wood Pigeon (4 of each)

2=    Blackbirds & Blue Tits (3 of each)

3=    Crows, House Sparrows, Starlings & Collared Doves (2 of each)

4=    Great Tit, Robin & Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 of each)

For the UK, the most common birds were:

1    House Sparrows

2    Blue Tit

3    Starling

4    Wood Pigeon

5    Blackbird

6    Robin

7    Goldfinch

8    Great Tit

9    Magpie

10    Chaffinch

So the top 6 birds in the UK also featured in our garden count. Three birds (Goldfinch, Magpie & Chaffinch) did not feature in our list; although Goldfinch and Magpie are fairly regular visitors (just not that particular weekend).

For a bit more information go here.


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