Fruit/Vegetable Anomalies #5 (Celeriac Soup)

It is early January in the year of 2024 and we needed something for lunch. Off to the kitchen garden to dig up a celeriac to make some soup. Is a double celeriac (Photo 1) lucky like a four-leaf clover? I'm guessing that two seedlings planted close together have become joined at the hip. After hosing down outside to remove most of the soil ...

Photo 1: Celeriac after hosing down to remove most of the soil

... and trimming the leaves and roots (Photo 2) ...

Photo 2: Just before the split

... the two halves are split asunder with a sharp knife & carefully peeled to reveal the edible bits (Photo 3).

Photo 3: Peeled and ready to cook

This double celeriac yielded 1 kg of prepared vegetable and a nice lot of kitchen waste for the hot composting bin!

With one half of the celeriac (518 g, Photo 3) I prepared faux* cream of celeriac soup in the Vitamix blender. [* faux because I use cashew nuts instead of cream]. Only six ingredients:
Preparation (serves 6):
  • Cut celeriac into 1.5 cm (half-inch) cubes and microwave on full power with a little hot water* for 5 minutes
  • Chuck everything, apart from the water, into the Vitamix blender 
  • Add 1 litre boiling water* and blend for 5 minutes (increase blend time to 6 minutes if starting from warm water)
  • Serve immediately or allow to cool and store in a fridge


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