Uffington White Horse & a Friendly Robin

Returning from a family visit and baptism, we stopped off at the Uffington White Horse for a picnic. There was a convenient National Trust car park with picnic benches and panoramic views.

Photo 1: Looking North from the Uffington White Horse

We didn't have the energy to walk all the way to this ancient hill figure so contented ourselves with a gentle walk in its direction, disturbing a good number of skylarks in the process.
Photo 2: Uffington White Horse & Grazing Sheep

Great views especially northwards.

Photo 3: Looking North

The silence was occasionally broken by a passing plane from one of the nearby RAF bases (Brize Norton, Fairford, Lyneham) ...

Photo 4: Passing Military

Back at the car park, we were entertained by a friendly and inquisitive robin, the UK's favourite bird.

Video 1: Inquisitive Robin at Uffington White Horse Car Park

These birds are now so use to the presence of humans they will approach very close with little fear.


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