Wasps, Wizards and Wastrels

We recently returned from our niece's wedding in Devon breaking the journey at Farleigh Hungerford Castle and  Lacock. We had lunch and afternoon tea at Lacock and were joined, on both occasions, by members of the local wasp community. Here are a couple of wasps finishing off Mary's flapjack ...

Photo 1: Annoying Wasps

... along with a short video of the same aforementioned insects ...

Video 1: Annoying Wasps

Wasp activity usually peaks in the June - July period but maybe the unseasonally cool July delayed their arrival as pests until mid-August. Wasps are fascinating, if annoying, creatures and always get the bad press compared to their compatriots - bees. The Infinite Monkey Cage recently did a podcast on Bees vs Wasps - well worth a listen.

A number of scenes in the Harry Potter films were filmed at Lacock - whether it was seven or eight, I could not possibly say. Certainly, there were plenty of young fans asking questions when we were there.

And finally, the ups and downs of the Hungerford family, who lived at Farleigh Hungerford Castle, make Downton Abbey (which, coincidently, used Lacock as a film location) seem like a child's bedtime story. See here for all the gory details. The last of the Hungerfords to reside at Farleigh Hungerford Castle was Sir Edward Hungerford IV (1632 - 1711). Known as 'The Spendthrift", he spent all the family fortune and more and had to sell the Castle and grounds in 1686 for £56,000 (equivalent to about £11 million in today's money).


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